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Testimonial: Relax with our organic Positive Mood food supplement Granaline

Feeling sluggish? Follow Monika's example and opt for our Granaline Organic Positive Mood food supplement!

Monika Kazcmarek talks about Positive Mood
Monika talks about Positive Mood BIO Granaline

A mother of two, Monika Kaczmarek decided to take a course of our Positive Mood BIO Granaline food supplement on the advice of her therapist. Prone to fatigue and melancholy, she quickly felt the benefits of our food supplement on her vitality.

Humeur Positive Granaline BIO, a dietary supplement made from natural ingredients. This product contains pure Granaline ORGANIC pomegranate juice and a patented liquid saffron extract. The pure pomegranate juice, with its vitamin B complex, acts as a bulking agent to reinforce the effects of the saffron extract. Thanks to its unique liquid formulation, this product acts quickly on sleep and reduces the time it takes to fall asleep (1). It also has a positive effect on periods of anxiety and stress (1), while promoting a positive mood (a).

Why choose our Positive Mood BIO Granaline food supplement?

At Granaline, we decided to develop our Positive Mood BIO Granaline food supplement, a food supplement formulated with liquid extract of organic saffron, known for its soothing properties and beneficial effect on morale and relaxation, and our pure Granaline organic pomegranate juice, which acts as a bulking agent to reinforce the properties of this plant. The unique formulation of our food supplement combines three active ingredients from saffron (crocins, picrocrocins and safranal), making it highly effective and fast-acting.

Humeur Positive BIO Granaline comes in ampoule* form, for a 20-day course of treatment to reap all its benefits. This formulation ensures better bioavailability, which means it is better assimilated by the body, for better results.

Like Monika, don't hesitate to adopt Positive Mood, a natural solution for reducing anxiety, improving sleep and promoting a good mood.

Read the interview with Monika, who agreed to tell us what she thinks of our Positive Mood BIO Granaline food supplement.

Testimonial #4 - Monika

Can you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Monika. I am 38 years old. I'm in a couple and I have a 7-year-old daughter and a 2-month-old granddaughter. I've been living in the Province of Liège, in Wanze to be precise, for 9 years.

Can you describe your lifestyle (profession, activities, physical activities, etc.)?

I'm currently on maternity leave and have recently started working for the SNCB. I also have a side job as an H2O advisor, which is what gives me the most fulfilment. I meet a lot of great people and they're always friendly.

As for my activities, I do a bit of sport. I like to go running as soon as the weather permits, so I'm less active in winter. It gives me a chance to get away from it all and forget about the day-to-day worries. As for my diet, I have thyroid problems, so I tend to put on weight quickly. I regularly watch what I eat and avoid refilling my plate.

I enjoy being with my family and friends and travelling with my family.

complément alimentaire BIO Granaline
Positive Mood BIO Granaline

How long have you known about Granaline?

My therapist advised me to take Humeur Positive BIO Granaline because I tend to be tired and can be melancholy at times. Inwinter,it'sevenmorenoticeable.I also went through a difficult period at work, which had a considerable impact on my morale, and this obviously had repercussions on my family. On the advice of my therapist, I took them and was delighted! The first time I took them, I had to accumulate 2 cures.

So I'd recommend the Humeur Positive food supplement for anyone who's feeling a bit under the weather, or for any other reason.

Thank you to Monika for her time and kindness! We hope that, like her, if you're feeling tired or stressed, you won't hesitate to turn to Humeur Positive BIO Granaline!

📍 You can find our Humeur Positive food supplement at Pharma Santé stores in Liège Saucy (Rue Pont Saint-Nicolas, 2 4020 Liège) and Marchin (Rue J. Wauters, 12 bis 4570 Marchin).

*Tip: break the ampoule using absorbent paper to catch any broken glass before pouring the liquid into a glass.

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