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Eat better today, live better and age better tomorrow!

BIO-NutriLAB develops and markets functional, healthy and organic drinks under the Granaline brand. All Granaline products are original and designed for their nutritional virtues in favour of Capital Vitality. The functional organic drinks are based on natural antioxidant superfoods, made in Belgium, certified by Quality-Partner BE-BIO-03.


OUr story

Fouzia is the founder of BIO-NutriLAB! Biochemist specialised in antioxidant bio-nutrition, she shares with you her passion for "Eating well today to live better and age better tomorrow" and bio-nutrition.

With a mother who is a nurse and passionate about health nutrition as well as a grandmother and great-grandmother, both of whom are phytotherapists, Fouzia was predestined to take an interest in the powers of food to maintain vitality.

With a degree in biochemistry from the University of Liège, Fouzia devoted herself to researching antioxidants before turning to the creation of functional foods that combine R&D, innovation and health preservation.

From the start, pomegranate was an obvious choice for Fouzia, whose roots are in Morocco.

After visiting the Maghreb, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Turkey to find the most interesting fruits from a nutritional point of view, Fouzia created the company Granaline BIO-NutriLAB in 2013.


At the head of her company, which is based in the Liège region, Fouzia is now committed to raising consumers' awareness of both health and environmental issues.

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