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Discovering the benefits of Granaline with Marie

In this review, Marie tells us about the benefits of our products

Marie, from the Simply_Marie Instagram account, is 31 years old, married to Jérôme and has 3 children. She's a person who never gets bored. Having recently discovered our products, she shares with us her journey towards preventive nutrition and her discovery of Granaline.

Marie's review about our organic products Granaline

Raising awareness of preventive nutrition

Marie turned to preventive nutrition thanks to an introduction to nutritherapy. She went through a period of medical wandering, when she couldn't find solutions to her health problems. It was by looking for answers on her own that she opened up to micronutrition, the importance of the environment and the quality of food as factors influencing health, particularly in terms of prevention.

A recent discovery of Granaline

Marie discovered Granaline at the Valériane trade fair in Namur in early September. There she was able to explore a variety of products related to well-being and nutrition and, above all, take a look at our stand. She was able to take advantage of explanations and tastings to try out our range, but two products in particular caught her eye: pure pomegranate juice Granaline and organic pomegranate concentrate Granaline !

The benefits of our products attracted her straight away

What attracted Marie to Granaline products was above all the benefits of pomegranate. Source of polyphenols and antioxidants, the pomegranate is considered to be a beneficial food for vitality. In her own words: "[the pomegranate is an] ideal superfood to include in your daily diet".

Her opinion of our products

Marie really liked our pomegranate juice and concentrate, especially the fact that Granaline products contain no added sugar: "The composition is perfect because there's no added sugar". She also found the inclusion of the pomegranate skin in the composition of the products interesting, as it provides higher levels of polyphenols. Finally, the packaging in glass bottles also caught her attention, as it is ideal in her opinion.

Granaline Products Recommendation

Marie has nothing but praise for Granaline products. She's happy to recommend them to her friends and family and tells us: "I'd be happy to recommend the two products I've had the chance to try. I think they offer good value for money and have definite health benefits.

Granaline's organic and local products, such as pure pomegranate juice and pomegranate concentrate, are invaluable allies for anyone wishing to adopt a preventive approach to nutrition and take advantage of the benefits of pomegranates.

Many thanks to Marie for her review

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