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Ornella Montecchi talks about Granaline

Discover what Ornella, a young mum from Liège, has to say about Granaline organic products

Ornella Montecchi, a 36-year-old influencer from Liège, opens the doors to her sparkling, well-balanced world. Mum to 4-month-old Leandro and a happy wife, she shares with us her passion for social networking, photography, fashion and healthy eating. Ornella is a reflection of an art of living where freshness and well-being meet in harmony. She shares with us her opinion on Granaline organic products.

Ornella's review about Granaline

Discovering Granaline

It was thanks to her sister-in-law, who is also an influencer, that Ornella had the pleasure of discovering Granaline. This encounter with our organic sparkling drinks was a real crush. She explains why: "My sister-in-law gave me a taste and I loved it! Because I find that even with fizz it's still very fresh and the taste is just incredible, I really like it."

A commitment to healthy eating

Ornella prefers a healthy, balanced diet and tries to incorporate organic produce into her diet. It's a choice that fits in perfectly with her dynamic lifestyle. So Granaline functional drinks are ideal for indulging yourself while maintaining a healthy, local diet.

All our products are made with fruit from organic and eco-responsible cooperatives. As for production, everything is done in the Liège region to offer you Made In Belgium products of incomparable quality.

Granaline products in the spotlight

The unique taste of Granaline drinks has won over Ornella's palate. Her favourite? Our organic Limone e Zenzero sparkling drink with delicious Syracuse lemons PDO. The lemon and ginger, an explosion of flavours that won her heart: "I really love the lemon and ginger, the taste of lemon, I'm a sucker for it, but don't worry, I love them all."

A recommendation to friends and family

Ornella can't resist recommending Granaline organic sparkling drinks and organic iced teas to her friends and family. For her, it's much more than just a drink, it's an invitation to vitality and pleasure: "Oh yes! For those of you who are reading this, try this marvellous drink, it's absolutely delicious and low in calories, it's what you need for a healthy diet".

Ornella Montecchi is the perfect embodiment of the Granaline spirit: a life where the freshness of organic fizzy drinks goes hand in hand with the balance of a healthy diet to indulge yourself while taking care of yourself.

Thank you to Ornella for sharing with us her gourmet discovery, full of vitality.

And, like her, come and discover our range of organic and Made In Belgium Granaline products!

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