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Elsa from MyTalkyMoment podcast shares her love for Granaline

Elsa, Slow Life and organic ambassador, shares her experience with Granaline

Elsa Lefort, an influencer from Namur, is passionate about the inspiring world of clean, green and slow life. At just 22, Elsa embodies a new generation aware of the impact of their choices on the planet. A committed content creator on social networks with the elsa_lefort account, she also hosts the My Talky Moment podcast, dedicated to ethical actors in a sustainable world, and the blog of the same name.

Elsa Lefort is the creator of the podcast My Talky Moment and the blog of the same name.
Elsa Lefort from My Talky Moment podcast

Discovering organic food with Nature & Progrès

As a communications officer for Nature & Progrès ASBL, Elsa has developed a particular sensitivity to organic food. In particular, she highlights the impact of pesticides on human health and the environment, marking the beginning of her commitment to more responsible consumption.

The Valériane trade fair: meeting Granaline

It was at the Valériane trade fair, organised by her non-profit organisation Nature & Progrès in September, that Elsa's path crossed that of Granaline. Attracted by the prospect of alternative drinks to conventional soft drinks, she decided to test the products.

A crush on our products

Among the products we tested, Elsa was particularly taken with two drinks: "I've fallen in love with two drinks: lemon ginger and blood orange". Our sparkling drinks with Sicilian PDO citrus fruits won over our content creator.

She also highlights the effectiveness of the Humeur Positive cure for coping with grey days: "I love the Humeur Positive cure, which has helped me get through the gloomy weather and the increasingly short days."

With the change of season, the effectiveness of saffron in maintaining emotional balance combined with pure organic pomegranate juice is ideal for keeping your spirits up and chasing away stress and poor quality sleep. The BIO Humeur Positive food supplement is a real ally for your vitality.

And for a touch of originality, Elsa has even tested a lemon gin-granaline, a memorable taste experience.

Testimonial from Elsa Lefort who loves Granaline products

A convinced ambassador

Her love affair with Granaline doesn't stop there. Elsa recommends the products 100% to her friends and family, sharing her commitment to healthy, local and delicious alternatives.

A message for Granaline

Elsa concludes with a heartfelt "Long live Granaline! <3". It's a message of true recognition for a brand that embodies the values it holds dear and encourages us to offer you quality products.

Granaline, an adventure in taste and commitment, continues to inspire and seduce those who, like Elsa, are looking for healthy lifestyle choices that respect the planet. The meeting between Elsa Lefort and Granaline is a perfect illustration of our shared desire to make every daily choice a positive gesture for ourselves and for the planet.

Thanks to Elsa Lefort for her testimonial

Find out more about Elsa Lefort's advice and discoveries in her podcast My Talky Moment and on her Blog.

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