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A relaxing break for il_fee_beau at the Silva Hotel with Granaline

Discover the Silva Hotel with il_fee_beau and Granaline

il_fee_beau, a well-known SlowLife influencer on social media, recently had a unique experience at the Silva Hotel Spa-Balmoral, thanks to a giveaway organised by Granaline. Set in the peaceful hills of the Belgian Ardennes, the Silva Hôtel is much more than just a hotel. It's a real oasis of relaxation in the midst of lush nature, where you can enjoy our Granaline BIO sparkling drinks with PDO Sicilian citrus fruit.

Influencer il_fee_beau loved our Aranciata Rossa BIO Granaline for a moment of relaxation
il_fee_beau enjoyed our organic sparkling drinks during her stay.

An enchanting discovery

For il_fee_beau, discovering the Silva Hôtel Spa-Balmoral was an unforgettable experience. She stayed there for 5 days, enjoying the tranquillity that Spa has to offer. But what really sets this hotel apart from the others, in her opinion, is the breathtaking panoramic view over the valley that can be seen from the large windows of the bright rooms: a breathtaking natural spectacle.

A true showcase of nature

Of all the experiences during her stay, il_fee_beau particularly appreciated the natural setting that surrounds the hotel. The Belgian Ardennes offer a multitude of opportunities to reconnect with nature, whether by hiking through the lush green forests, taking soothing walks around Lake Warfaaz or simply admiring the peaceful beauty of the region.

Discover our organic sparkling drinks with Sicilian citrus fruits on the Silva Hotel restaurant menu
Dishes from the Silva Hotel restaurant enhanced by our organic sparkling drinks

Our Aranciata Rossa BIO Granaline for optimum relaxation

To accompany her stay at the Silva Hôtel Spa-Balmoral, il_fee_beau was lucky enough to taste our Aranciata Rossa BIO Granaline. Every day, this sparkling drink with Sicilian blood orange added a touch of freshness and delicacy to her experience. Our Aranciata Rossa BIO, bursting with the natural flavours of PDO and IPG Sicilian blood orange, was the perfect companion to relax and refresh in the midst of this oasis of tranquillity.

A relaxing, natural holiday

il_fee_beau's stay at the Silva Hôtel Spa-Balmoral was an immersion in the beauty of Belgian nature. This wellness getaway was crowned by the refreshing presence of our Aranciata Rossa BIO Granaline. An experience that reminds us that relaxation and nature go hand in hand, and that Granaline is there to accompany these special moments with healthy, organic, Made In Belgium drinks.

If, like il_fee_beau, you would like to spend some time relaxing at the Silva Hotel Spa-Balmoral, we invite you to visit their website.

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