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Optimize your energy with pure organic Granaline pomegranate juice!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Do like Murielle Joye, adopt our pure organic Granaline pomegranate juice to relieve your fatigue!

BIO Granaline pomegranate juice is more than just a refreshing drink, it is a real source of energy and well-being. We recently had the pleasure of receiving testimony from Murielle Joye, a clinical psychologist, who has agreed to share her experience with us.

Murielle Joye, like many of us, sometimes feels a drop in energy and vitality. She discovered pure organic Granaline pomegranate juice, which allowed her to regain her dynamism. I make granaline pomegranate juice cures 2 x a year, especially in winter when my body needs to strengthen its immunity. I quickly feel a difference in my energy level and my ability to cope with the day."

"I do two rounds of pure pomegranate juice a year. It helps me fight chronic pain and fatigue." Murielle Joye
Testimony of Murielle Joye

BIO Granaline pomegranate juice naturally contains vitamin C, E (B), B5, B9, manganese, antioxidants and polyphenols, which help strengthen the immune system and fight against fatigue (A). It is an excellent ally for those who wish to maintain their vitality and well-being. Vitamin C (A) is known for its antioxidant properties and its ability to reduce daily fatigue. It also maintains a normal energy metabolism (A). Studies have also shown that vitamin B5 and vitamin B9 help reduce mental and physical fatigue. [1]

At Granaline, we are committed to offering products of good nutritional quality, from organic farming, to preserve the richness and purity of the benefits of pomegranate. Our pure organic Granaline pomegranate juice is produced from sun-ripened pomegranates, hand-picked and cold-pressed mechanically to preserve all nutrients. The flash-pasteurization technique used and adapted to our pomegranate juice BIO allows to preserve the nutritional quality of pomegranate juice BIO Granaline.

Do not wait any longer to discover the testimony of Murielle Joye and the benefits of our pure pomegranate juice BIO Granaline.

Give your body a natural source of energy (A) and vitality, to face life with serenity and dynamism.

Murielle Joye and a bottle of pomegranate juice
Murielle Joye

Testimonial #4

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Murielle Joye, I am 49 years old and I am a mother of three older children aged 16, 19 and 24. I work as a clinical psychologist, mindful mediation instructor and content creator.

Can you tell us about your lifestyle and diet? (Occupation, physical activities, diet, etc.)

I am a flexitarian and I have a pre-diabetes diet. For me, eating well and preventive nutrition are important. As a single mom, I have very busy days but I book my weekends off. I mainly practice walking and I slowly get back on the bike. I like to take some time to relax by doing manual activities such as ceramics and more generally anything related to creation. I also like writing and photography.

Why did you start consuming pomegranate juice?

Pure pomegranate juice BIO Granaline
Our pure pomegranate juice BIO Granaline

I started consuming pomegranate juice for health reasons. I do two cures a year by having a drink at 10am. It helps me fight fatigue and chronic pain.

Do you have a favorite granaline product?

I’ve known the Granaline brand for three or four years now. I had the opportunity to test many products such as sparkling drinks and teas, pure organic Granaline pomegranate juice or BIO Granaline vinegar and BIO Granaline pomegranate concentrate. My favorite product is the BIO Granaline pomegranate concentrate and I do not hesitate to recommend it regularly to my entourage.

Thanks to Murielle for her testimony!


[1] Tardy AL, Pouteau E, Marquez D, Yilmaz C, Scholey A. Vitamins and Minerals for Energy, Fatigue and Cognition: A Narrative Review of the Biochemical and Clinical Evidence. Nutrients. 2020 Jan 16;12(1):228. doi: 10.3390/nu12010228. PMID: 31963141; PMCID: PMC7019700.

Numéro d’entrée de l’EFSA :

(A) Vitamine C : 139, 2622, 135, 2334, 3196

(B) Vitamine E : 160, 162, 1947


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