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Medi-Market de Hornu: Your trusted health partner

Located in the Cora shopping centre in Hornu, Medi-Market Hornu has established itself as a must-visit destination for those looking for quality health and well-being products.

Find Humeur Positive BIO Granaline at Medi-Market Hornu
Medi-Market Hornu offers you a warm welcome

A new but competent outlet

Since it opened in June, this outlet has set itself apart. You'll find countless interesting and varied discounts every month, as well as a wide range of products at attractive prices every day. You'll be welcomed by a dedicated and multi-disciplinary team, including three beauticians, two dieticians and a naturopath, who will be on hand to give you the best advice for your health.

An advantageous location

Medi-Market Hornu's strategic location is one of its major assets. Easily accessible from the surrounding districts and villages, the outlet has quickly earned a reputation as a trusted partner for local residents. Whether you're looking for beauty products, food supplements or professional advice, Medi-Market Hornu is the ideal place to meet your needs.

Humeur Positive by Granaline: a unique formula recommended by the team

Among the quality products offered by the outlet, our Humeur Positive BIO Granaline food supplement stands out. The Medi-Market team warmly recommends it to customers who suffer from restless nights due to stress and anxiety. Humeur Positive's unique formula has been carefully developed to guarantee safety and effectiveness. As Ms Lassoie, Medi-Market manager, explains: "It is suitable for vegans, lactose intolerants and gluten-free people." What's more, it contains no phthalates or bisphenol A, and is certified organic. With no added sugars, sweeteners or preservatives, Humeur Positive BIO Granaline is based on just two ingredients: organic pomegranate juice and liquid saffron extract.

This formula is also patented, making it an exceptional choice for supporting emotional balance. The pomegranate juice acts as a bulking agent, multiplying the effects of the saffron for rapid results. Combined with its liquid formulation for better bioavailability, i.e. better reception by your body, the BIO Humeur Positive food supplement is an effective ally for your sleep and relaxation.

Humeur Positive BIO Granaline : your emotionnal balance's ally
Humeur Positive BIO Granaline

The team comes up with a moto for Granaline

The friendly team at Medi-Market Hornu have even come up with a little moto for Granaline: "Granaline, pep's that brightens you up!"

In short, the Medi-Market in Hornu is more than just a parapharmacy. It's a place where quality, customer service and well-being come together to offer an exceptional experience every time you visit. And with expert recommendations like Granaline's Humeur Positive, you can be sure that your health and well-being are in safe hands.

A huge thanks to Ms.Lassoie

You can find our Humeur Positive food supplement at Medi-Market in Hornu :

* Tip: break the ampoule using absorbent paper to catch any broken glass before pouring the liquid into a glass.

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