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Discover BIODIS, a Belgian distributor of organic food products

BIODIS is a Belgian family business specialising in the distribution of organic food products. Founded by Arnaud Grégoire, the son of a pioneer of organic poultry farming, BIODIS now offers over 2,500 references of quality organic products. Here's everything you need to know about this company committed to preventive, environmentally-friendly nutrition.

During the month of March, BIODIS is showcasing all its Belgian products: throughout the month, Biodis will be taking us all over Belgium to discover its artisans and its products Good, Organic, Belgian.

Arnaud Grégoire, founder of BIODIS
Arnaud Grégoire, founder of BIODIS posing with our BIO Granaline products

A dynamic team and growing success

BIODIS has a team of around ten people. The company has enjoyed growing success since it was founded in 2010, becoming Wallonia's leading organic distributor of dry products. In 2018, an open day was organised, giving the company a real boost.

Thoughtful choices and a philosophy focused on quality

BIODIS is also very involved in projects such as farms and bulk grocery shops. The company prefers to meet its customers, talk to them and offer them the products best suited to their region and establishment. Arnaud insists that the quality of the products is paramount and that the company's philosophy is based on the idea of offering quality organic products. If you are an organic shop or a future organic shop (subject to VAT), don't hesitate to call on BIODIS.

A collaboration with BIO Granaline

BIODIS and BIO Granaline are two companies that share the same values, offering products that respect the environment and people. Granaline's pure organic pomegranate juice, sparkling drinks and organic teas with PDO and PGI Sicilian citrus fruits, as well as Granaline's organic "Positive Mood" food supplements, have been carefully selected to meet BIODIS' quality requirements.

Order your organic products from BIODIS

If you are an organic food retailer, you can order quality organic products from BIODIS by registering at You can discover the wide variety of organic products on offer from BIODIS, as well as the entire Granaline range: from Granaline organic pomegranate juice, Granaline pomegranate molasses and vinegar to Granaline organic PDO Sicilian citrus drinks, etc., not to mention the many other quality organic products.

Trust BIODIS for your preventive nutrition needs, a company that respects the environment and people.

Our sparkling drinks are at BIODIS
Our sparkling drinks are at BIODIS

Biodis logo


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