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Boost your mood with saffron

Try the combination of pomegranate and saffron for a more positive mood!

At Granaline, our priority is to offer our customers superior quality products. This is why we have chosen to market our Positive Mood Organic Granaline food supplement in ampoule form, to ensure optimal bioavailability so that you can enjoy all the benefits of our product, which is composed of active liquid saffron extract and organic pomegranate juice.

Notre complément alimentaire Humeur Positive BIO Granaline
Our Organic Positive Mood food supplement Granaline promotes relaxation

What is bioavailability?

According to the European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA), bioavailability is defined as the rate and amount at which a substance or fraction of a substance is absorbed and reaches the sites of action through the bloodstream.

In the context of dietary supplements, bioavailability refers to the ability of the active ingredients of a substance to be absorbed by the body [1]. The active ingredients are the fraction of the substance that is absorbed and available to the body [2].

Thus, bioavailability is closely related to the fate of a substance after its introduction into the body. After ingestion of a substance, it undergoes several steps: absorption, distribution, biotransformation, metabolisation and elimination. Bioavailability is an indicator of absorption, which is the process by which the substance passes into the bloodstream. In the case of oral intake, this absorption occurs in the stomach during digestion [3].

High bioavailability of active ingredients allows them to be absorbed more quickly, to be present in small quantities in the product and to avoid side effects due to drug interactions. Too low a bioavailability implies putting the active ingredient in the product in larger quantities, which can be risky for people who are highly sensitive to treatments.

Several factors influence bioavailability: individual factors (physiological and pathological), the physico-chemical properties of the drug, the metabolisation reactions during digestion and the dosage form of the substance. The dosage form is the form in which the substance is taken.

In order for the product to have a rapid action, the active ingredient must be released as quickly as possible. This is why we have developed our food supplement.

Do you know our food supplement Positive Mood BIO Granaline?

Notre complément alimentaire Humeur Positive BIO Granaline
Our Organic Positive Mood food supplement Granaline

Our Positive Mood BIO Granaline food supplement is a natural solution to reduce anxiety, improve sleep and promote a good mood.

Our unique and patented formulation is based on our pure Granaline ORGANIC pomegranate juice and ORGANIC liquid saffron extract, known for its soothing properties and its beneficial effect on mood. Both ingredients are combined in optimal proportions for maximum effectiveness.

The BIO Granaline Positive Mood food supplement is presented in the form of ampoules for a 20-day cure. Its liquid form allows a better bioavailability of the ingredients and a faster absorption by the body.

We are proud to offer you a natural solution to improve your mood and general well-being.

Try our Organic Positive Mood Granaline food supplement today and feel the beneficial effects on your body and mind.

Don't forget that it is important to take care of yourself every day. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and well-being with our Positive Mood BIO Granaline food supplement.

Don't hesitate to order now our food supplement Positive Mood BIO Granaline and to take advantage of its natural benefits for your body and your mind.

Advice for use: break the ampoule with an absorbent paper which should retain any broken glass before pouring the liquid into a glass.

In no case can the information and advice offered by Granaline replace a consultation or a diagnosis made by a doctor or a health professional, the only ones able to adequately assess your state of health.

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ESFA entry number :

Crocus sativus : 2038


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