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A look back at the year 2023 with Granaline

2023: a year rich in events and achievements

2023 has been an exceptional year for Granaline, marked by memorable events, fruitful collaborations and ambitious achievements. Let's take a look back at the highlights of this dynamic year, which has strengthened Granaline's position as a key player in the field of vitality and organic, preventive nutrition.

January: a promising start to the year

January was the prelude to an exceptional year. Granaline enthusiastically took part in the ADL meeting organised by the non-profit association ADL Awans, highlighting its professional activities in the local community. The event was an opportunity to promote Granaline's expertise and to exchange ideas with the local community.

At the same time, the arrival of three new trainees breathed new life into the team, injecting fresh energy into future projects.

February: towards new horizons

February marked a significant international expansion with the integration of Granaline on the B2B sourcing site Europages. This has opened up new opportunities on the global stage, strengthening Granaline's presence beyond borders.

At the same time, the team has been enriched by four new interns, ready to contribute to the progress of our projects.

This month was also marked by a major breakthrough: the arrival of the BIO Humeur Positive food supplement, a unique formula based on saffron and our pomegranate juice, now available in all Pharmasanté pharmacies in the province of Liège.

Mars: a musical collaboration

In March, Granaline added an artistic touch to its team with the arrival of singer Antoine Delie, former finalist in The Voice Belgium, as ambassador. This collaboration has allowed the world of music to merge with Granaline's well-being philosophy, bringing gentleness and creativity to the Granaline Family.

Fouzia Oukacha et Antoine Delie
Antoine Delie joins the Granaline Family

April: a decade of innovation

April was a month of celebration as Granaline passed the 10-year mark on 1 April 2023. This symbolic anniversary marked a decade of innovation and passion, ever since our founder, Fouzia Oukacha, turned her passion into a unique entrepreneurial project.

During this special month, Granaline also took part in the Intermarché Belgium trade fair, consolidating its commitment to BIO and Made In Belgium in the supermarket sector.

May: diversification and recognition

May was a month of diversification and recognition. Granaline was selected to take part in the Parcours Innovation project run by the WalloniaDesign agency, and we began a fruitful collaboration with their teams thanks to some exciting workshops.

At the same time, XTERRA champion Sébastien Carabin joined the Granaline Family as an ambassador, sharing his passion for a healthy lifestyle and his kindness.

Fouzia Oukacha et Sébastien Carabin
Our new ambassador Sébastien Carabin

June: a sparkling summer

June was synonymous with radiance for Granaline. Participation in Organic Week from 3 June to 11 June marked the start of summer.

But Granaline was also exported with the presence of our organic drinks at the Natex boutique on the NATO military base in Germany. A project made possible with the help of AWEX. But our delicious drinks have also found their way onto the menu of the restaurant at the prestigious Silva Hotel in Spa-Balmoral.

Finally, two new trainees have also joined the team, bringing a breath of fresh air.

Granaline a la boutique de l'OTAN
Fouzia Oukacha present for the introduction of Granaline drinks at NATEX in Germany

July: continued growth

Granaline's participation in the Interprofessional Organic Day consolidated the company's commitment to healthy, organic food.

The arrival of two new trainees was testimony to the company's continued growth.

In addition, the singer from the group Machiavel, Kévin Cools, joined the Granaline Family as an ambassador, adding a new artistic dimension to our community.

Our ambassador and his music band
Kévin Cools and the music band Machiavel

August: events and new partnerships

August was marked by events in Belgium's Medi-Market, aimed at raising public awareness of the BIO Positive Mood food supplement and the importance of emotional well-being.

The arrival of Granaline products at BIO wholesaler Marma opened up new horizons, and we welcomed a new trainee.

September: a committed autumn

September was a committed month for Granaline. Participation in the BIO Valériane trade fair in Namur from 1st to 3rd September marked the start of a month full of events.

The BIO en Liège event at the Jardin Botanique was an opportunity to promote Granaline's values.

Finally, as we do every year, we accompanied the ASBL Pas@Pas at the Relais pour la Vie Verviers to raise funds for the fight against cancer.

L'ASBL au Relais pour la Vies Verviers
Volunteers from Pas@Pas ASBL

October: launch of Granaline Cosmetics

October saw the launch of the Granaline Cosmetics range at the Cosmetic 360 trade show in Paris, at the Caroussel du Louvre. This new adventure in the field of cosmetics was a key moment for Granaline. As part of this show, Granaline Cosmetics and our unique extract GranaLOAX were spotted by P&B Group as part of the Open Innovation meetings.

Granaline's participation in the Planète Zen trade fair, held on 28 and 29 October at the Palais des Congrès in Liège, also continued to promote Granaline's philosophy of well-being.

Cette année Granaline aprésenté sa nouvelle gamme cosmétique

November: new collaborations and local presence

November was a month of new collaborations and participation in local events. The arrival of a new intern brought new ideas to the team.

Granaline also took part in Supply Day at Froidmont Farm on 13 November, strengthening its links with local producers. Events organised around our organic food supplement Positive Mood in the Medi Markets of The Mint, City 2, Uccle la Bascule and Ixelles enabled us to raise awareness among a wider public and to come and meet you.

December: promising projects for the future

December ended the year on a high note, with some promising projects for the future. Meetings with Wallonia Design and Users Matters were the prelude to new explorations in the development of Granaline Cosmetics.

Taking part in the Christmas market at the "En fait c'est simple" grocery shop in Liège on 15 December was an opportunity to forge links with the local community.

Looking to the future

In conclusion, 2023 has been an exciting journey for Granaline, reflecting its determination to innovate, broaden its impact, and offer quality products. These milestones are just the beginning of an upward trajectory. Granaline looks forward to the year ahead, full of new opportunities and successes to share with its ever-growing community.

Stay tuned to Granaline for an even more exceptional 2024!

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