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The melodies of the Granaline family: discover our artistic ambassadors

Let's meet our talented artistic ambassadors

Granaline, embraces the diversity of flavours of the pomegranate, but is not limited to the explosion of tastes in the taste buds. It extends to a symphony of artists who embody passion, authenticity and creativity. Our three ambassadors, Tyana P, Kévin Cools and Antoine Delie, take the stage to offer a complete sensory experience.

Meet our artistic ambassadors

Tyana P: a cultural fusion in rhythm

Tyana P, a young prodigy discovered in the sixth season of The Voice Belgium at the age of 18, is an artist in constant evolution. After studying fashion in Paris, she finally found her calling in hip-hop.

Her debut EP, released in February 2022, offered a unique fusion of French and English, reflecting her Belgian-American origins.

With vibrant tracks like "I Smile" and "It's Smokin", Tyana P dazzles us with a mix of old school rap and angelic vocals, captivating audiences with every performance.

Tyana P is now conquering the USA, moving to Los Angeles with her unique pink universe.

As a big fan of the colour pink, her favourite Granaline drink is of course the Aranciata Rossa BIO with delicious PDO Sicilian blood oranges.

The artist Tyana P

Kévin Cools: new voice, old soul of Machiavel

Kévin Cools, the Mons-born lead singer of Machiavel and former member of Feels, embodies the new era in Belgian music. A passionate fan since childhood, he joined Machiavel with astonishing ease.

Despite the age difference, there's a real sense of cohesion in the group, and Kévin takes over with confidence. His integration raised a few questions, but with their latest album Machiavel have proved that the transition between the band's past and future is seamless thanks to their talented new singer. Kévin Cools is now exploring new artistic tones, preserving the very essence of Machiavel.

Kévin joined the Granaline Family in July 2023. We're delighted to support him in his projects and concerts with our organic sparkling Sicilian citrus drinks.

The artist Kevin Cools

Antoine Delie: a unique musical odyssey

Antoine Delie, a young Belgian singer with a singular career path, discovered music as his means of expression. He came to prominence in Season 9 of The Voice, winning the competition with a beautiful piano/voice performance and an astonishing artistic maturity that got him through to the final.

His EP "Océans", released this year, plunges listeners into a gentle and touching musical odyssey, testifying his artistic growth. He has also paid tribute to the Belgian national anthem by performing it in a personal and modern version at the Spa-Francorchamps Formula 1 Grand Prix in the summer of 2023.

In addition to his music, Antoine is preparing for a Christmas tour with other Belgian artists, and has announced a new single for 2024.

To stay in shape between all his projects, Antoine opts for Granaline pure organic pomegranate juice, rich in antioxidants, his favourite from our range. We're delighted to accompany him with our delicious juice, which preserves his vitality and energy for ever more exceptional shows.

The artistic Antoine Delie

Artistic harmony in the Granaline family

These artistic ambassadors converge in a unique musical harmony, representing the diversity and creativity at the heart of the Granaline family.

Just as the pomegranate explodes into a multitude of flavours, these artists offer an explosion of emotions and sounds.

Granaline, much more than a taste experience, becomes a symphony of authenticity, celebrating cultural richness. We're proud to support these talented artists in their careers and to help them stay at the top of their game with our organic, Made In Belgium products.

Like our ambassadors, take care of yourself and stay at the top of your vitality with our organic and Belgian Granaline products.


N° d'entrée EFSA : 386, 320, 321

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