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Sébastien Carabin, 5th at the XTERRA 2022 World Championship becomes a Granaline ambassador

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Sébastien Carabin, the world champion in cross-country duathlon, is aware that a healthy, balanced and antioxidant diet is a great help in his sporting activities.

He is currently participating in the XTERRA world cup with a race planned in the USA but also a round in Namur on June 10th! Sébastien Carabin joins our community of ambassadors, thanks to him!

Sébastien Carabin and Fouzia
Sébastien Carabin and Fouzia

How do you choose when you like to cycle and run at the same time? Sébastien Carabin did not ask himself this question: he combines the two sports and even three with swimming! He practices a sport that is not very well known: the cross triathlon. A few years ago, he set himself a new challenge: to get as far as possible in this beautiful competition.

Embarking on such adventures requires an impeccable lifestyle and a certain sense of organisation, because Sébastien also has a full-time job! He takes care of his diet by eating lots of fruit and vegetables. He discovered our BIO Granaline drinks and our BIO Granaline Positive Mood food supplement, which works on relaxation, sleep and anxiety. He is aware of the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet as part of his sporting practice.

Discover the interview with Sébastien Carabin!

Can you introduce yourself and your background?

My name is Sébastien Carabin and I am 34 years old. I started cycling when I was 13, mainly mountain biking. I first did Olympic cross country. These are one and a half hour races on mountain bikes. I was in the national team and then in the Olympic pre-selection. In 2017, I moved on to marathon mountain biking. In 2019, I discovered XTERRA and got hooked. I started running between 2016 and 2018 and swimming in 2019.

In 2020, during the Covid year, I decided to do the Trans Gran Canaria, a 130km race. It's the crossing of the island from north to south. A good part of the race is done in the North, in the mountains where it is much greener, while the South is much drier. I was European champion in the cross duathlon in 2022 and came 5th in the XTERRA world championship for the second time in a row.

How do you train ? (time, type of training, trainer)

It's a lot of organisation: I train about 15 hours a week. In terms of the type of training, I do between seven and nine hours of cycling per week, three to four hours of swimming and between two and three hours of running. I don't need to run a lot to perform well, so I don't take the risk of running more, because you are more likely to get injured when running. Nowadays I prefer to train alone, it puts less pressure on me than with a coach. I also train with a swimming club. In 2018, I used to take between 10 and 15 days off work to travel and compete, my job allows me to have a flexible schedule. I prefer to have a full time job, it allows me to continue my sport for passion and not for pressure.

Why did you choose cross triathlon and cross duathlon?

I enjoy cycling and racing but in cross duathlon there are only two official races in the year: the European Championship and the World Championship. There are also three races in Belgium but it's not very well publicised and not well known. In XTERRA there is really a whole championship with many races and now there is a world cup. It's a different kind of fame than the duathlon and it allows a better visibility.

Do you do duet race?

There are many mountain bike stage races that are done in pairs. For example, there is the Cape Epic in South Africa; an 800km mountain bike race and for safety reasons it is better to do it in pairs and there is also the team spirit. We do the whole race together. For the last two-three years, I've done the races with the same partner, we get along well and it's not easy to find someone with the same level.

How do you look after your well-being?

I have already met a nutritionist but I prefer to work out my own diet. I pay attention to what I eat, including lots of fruit and vegetables, and I also respect my sleep patterns


Do you have a race that stood out for you or that you liked best?

I did a race in France, XTERRA Gerardmer two years ago, during the 40 km mountain bike part, it was raining like crazy, there was mud. What bothered me the most was not so much the mud but the cold, I couldn't feel my fingers!

Which Granaline products have you tested?

I have already had the opportunity to test the BIO Granaline Positive Mood food supplement as well as the BIO Granaline pure pomegranate juice and the BIO Granaline Aranciata Rossa. They are very good products and delicious to boot! I'm happy to know more and share this with you!

Our pure organic pomegranate juice granaline
Our pure organic pomegranate juice granaline

As a top athlete it is essential to have a healthy and balanced diet as well as an antioxidant approach to protect your capital vitality. High performance athletes can also develop problems related to muscle recovery. Pomegranate juice contributes to good muscle function and improved muscle recovery(1). Sébastien Carabin discovered our pure organic pomegranate juice Granaline for its benefits on capital vitality. We are delighted to welcome him to our ambassador team! Welcome to you! We look forward to following him in his many competitions! Please welcome him!


Numéro d'entrée de l'EFSA

(1) Potassium : 320


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