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Pomegranate, benefits for humans... and animals

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Miloa, a complementary animal nutrition company, uses pomegranate for its many properties!

Granaline has been trying for years to raise consumer awareness of a healthier, more balanced diet that takes care of their vitality capital, but what about our four- or two-legged animals?

Veterinarian Dr Estelle Lhoest is the founder of Miloa, an innovative Belgian company that develops and markets unique plant-based complementary foods. According to Estelle, pets also have the right to live better and benefit from scientific advances. A veterinary clinician by training, specialising in phytotherapy and animal nutrition, she could not find the right products in the 'traditional' pharmacopoeia. Therefore, 12 years ago, she decided to create what she needed. Today, Miloa offers a dozen complementary foods for dogs and cats, as well as natural essential oils and skin care products, in order to protect our hairballs from anxiety, liver disorders, senility, stomach acidity, etc.

Dr Estelle Lhoest carries a red-headed cat
Dr Estelle Lhoest

Animal welfare research, a real passion

Passionate about her profession, Dr Estelle Lhoest works on the basis of serious clinical studies that have shown effects on health. As a veterinary clinician, she uses her own experience to promote animal welfare. She travels the world in search of active ingredients that she selects herself from exceptional collaborators and, above all, wants to work with choice partners that she carefully selects while familiarising herself with their methods. She wants to feel the land, meet and interact with farming families, because respect for the land and soil are very important to her. Dr Estelle Lhoest is interested in the production chain from A to Z, which is why this enthusiast spends a lot of time meeting producers who share the same values as her: ethics, eco-responsibility, eco-circularity and respect for nature and people.

Respectful products from all corners

Made in France, Miloa's carefully tested and controlled products are then sold to vets in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

Several ranges are available, essential oils, care products such as shampoos and most importantly: complementary foods for animals, which respond to specific discomforts or symptoms. For example, Anti-Ox stimulates defence and tissue repair mechanisms, while Zen Supp works on relaxation for animals sensitive to changes. It makes it a point of honour to offer products with good traceability, from plantation to product manufacture, which means it meets many producers from around the world.

Pomegranate in all its forms

Pomegranate is one of the main ingredients in Miloa's complementary diet and is used in Cardio Supp, which helps maintain heart function. Pomegranate protects blood vessels and prevents inflammation. The plant kingdom contains many nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.) that are of great importance for various symptoms. For example, pomegranate is used in this formula for its antioxidant properties, as well as in Anti-Ox and Energy Supp. Dr Estelle Lhoest is familiar with these properties. She regularly drinks Granaline organic pomegranate juice, which she loves and which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The ideal way to start a busy day well! Her children enjoy drinking the BIO Granaline sparkling drinks and the BIO Granaline tea, especially the BIO Granaline Aranciata Rossa.

The last word from Estelle Lhoest? "Eat pomegranate, it's a goldmine! Use the power of the plant for your health and respect the earth and the people who cultivate it."

Miloa logo
Miloa logo


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