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Need specialist advice? Visit Pharma Santé in Seraing!

Pharma Santé, your corner pharmacy in the Province of Liège, offers Humeur Positive BIO Granaline

The Pharma Santé team in Seraing
The Pharma Santé team in Seraing

This week, we invite you to discover Pharma Santé in Seraing, located at 288 Rue de Tavier. The manager, Sarah, and her 4 assistants will welcome you with a smile, offering specialist advice on pharmaceutical products, bandages and more.

This pharmacy is easily accessible for people with reduced mobility. It is ideally located, on one of the main roads in the heights of Seraing, in the heart of the Biens-Communaux district. The pharmacy is also accessible by public transport. You'll meet a friendly, welcoming and professional team. As the manager says, at Pharma Santé in Seraing, "You'll always be welcomed with a smile"!

Pharma Santé, products for everyone

At Pharma Santé, you'll find a wide range of phytotherapy products, essential oils, herbal teas and children's products (babymilks,etc.). This pharmacy also offers food supplements, such as Humeur Positive BIO Granaline. Our dietary supplement, based on pure ORGANIC Granaline pomegranate juice and ORGANIC saffron extract (made up of 3 active ingredients: safranal, crocin and picrocrocines), is a natural ally for stress, anxiety and sleep-related problems. As the head of Pharma Santé in Seraing explains: "Granaline ampoules are made in Belgium, from organic produce. Thankstosaffronextract,theyhelptomaintainemotionalbalance,apositivemoodandgoodqualitysleep.I would recommend Granaline organic ampoules to a patient whose mood is low and who would like a fast-acting dietary supplement "* In fact, as well as being ORGANIC and 100% natural, Humeur Positive's liquid formula is more bio-available, so its effects are fast-acting. (1)

Humeur Positive BIO Granaline
Humeur Positive BIO Granaline

If you're looking for a friendly, professional team and you're from the region, don't hesitate to visit Pharma Santé in Seraing (Rue de Tavier, 288 4100 Seraing). We're delighted to work with partners like Pharma Santé!

Thank you to Sarah and her team for their kindness and availability!

* Tip: break the ampoule using absorbent paper to catch any broken glass before pouring the liquid into a glass.


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