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Le Potiquet: a local grocery shop that promotes well-being and sustainability

Today, we're off to discover Le Potiquet, your local grocery shop.

The historic Outremeuse district of Liège, famous for its rich culture and warm atmosphere, is home to a small bulk grocery shop that perfectly embodies the values of well-being, sustainability and responsibility. Le Potiquet, run by the dynamic Françoise and Florence, has become a real gem for local residents and beyond. We invite you to meet them!

Françoise and Florence set up this local grocery shop in the Outremeuse neighbourhood
Françoise and Florence, founders of Le Potiquet

The birth of Le Potiquet

The idea behind Le Potiquet grew out of the two managers' passion for health, the environment and quality products. Originally from the neighbourhood, they were motivated by the fact that there was no shop in the area offering a complete selection of organic, bulk and local products. And so Le Potiquet was born.

For Françoise, an architect, and Florence, a nurse, Le Potiquet is not just a grocery shop. It's a commitment to a healthier lifestyle and a more responsible approach to consumption. Their objective is clear: to offer customers and local residents a variety of food, drugstore and hygiene products that are either organic, in bulk, local or fair trade, and often all at the same time.

Meeting Granaline

One of the decisions appreciated by our subscribers at Le Potiquet was to include Granaline's organic and Made In Belgium products in their range. Françoise and Florence discovered Granaline when our sales representative came to their shop after discovering this great initiative in her neighbourhood.

The decision to offer Granaline organic products was motivated by a desire to complement their range with functional, organic and above all local drinks: "We were seduced by your drinks and above all enthusiastic about the idea of offering healthy, organic products from Liège ! " So adding Granaline to the shop shelves was a no-brainer!

Their personal preferences

When asked if they had a personal preference among Granaline's products, one revealed that her son is a big fan of the organic peach iced tea. It seems that the delicious flavour of Granaline's PDO Sicilian citrus sparkling drinks and organic iced teas is a hit with Le Potiquet's customers, young and old alike.

A message for the Granaline Family

Françoise and Florence want to encourage Granaline to continue its commitment to products that combine pleasure and health. However, they also suggest that we consider returnable packaging, to take our commitment to sustainability even further.

Our glass bottles are reusable and guaranteed phthalate-free, but we're currently looking into making them returnable.

A natural, local collaboration

Ultimately, the collaboration between Le Potiquet and Granaline is a perfect example of how local businesses with similar values can work together to promote wellbeing, vitality and sustainability in their respective communities. It's refreshing to see places like Le Potiquet making sustainability and local a priority, offering consumers a shopping experience that contributes to a healthier, planet-friendly lifestyle.

Many thanks to Françoise and Florence

Rue Puits-en-Sock 149 bte 1, 4020 Liège

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