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In Oreye, the cafeteria of the Omnisport Hall offers our organic Granaline drinks

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Discover the cafeteria of the Hall Omnisport of Oreye! A warm and friendly place that offers home-made dishes with local products! You will even find our organic Granaline drinks!

Laurent Giry with our BIO Granaline drinks
Laurent Giry, owner of l'Or en Bar

Thanks to his professional reconversion, Laurent Giry decided to seize the opportunity to take over the cafeteria of the Oreye sports hall. Opened only 6 months ago, the manager of the cafeteria has many projects in mind! He wants to organise many events, including concerts, parties, tea dances and flea markets!

You will also be able to enjoy delicious home-made dishes with local products! And you will even find our organic Granaline drinks! If you are a student and you are looking for a job or a flexi job for this summer, don't hesitate to contact him!

To know more about l'Or en Bar, we interviewed the boss Laurent Giry! Discover his interview!

Can you introduce yourself and your team?

My name is Laurent Giry and I am the manager of the cafeteria in the Oreye sports hall, also called L'Or en Bar. I mainly work alone, but my partner Rachel, helps me with the accounting and during big events. I can also count on my mother-in-law, Monique, to give me a hand from time to time.

Can you tell us about the history of the Gold Bar?

I worked for 17 years in the food industry and decided to change jobs. At first I wanted to work in fast food, but I also wanted to be able to process my own food. So I needed access to the profession. I started a training course at IFAPME in catering. During this period, the opportunity arose to take over the hall cafeteria. I jumped at it and we were chosen! The name of my establishment "L'Or en Bar" comes from the fact that I like puns. 😊

What kind of events do you organise in your bar?

We try different events to attract a different clientele from the sportsmen. As the sports season is over, the clientele is getting a bit scarcer. This summer we are going to become a sales point for the ice cream parlour "le Limon blanc", we are sure that we will have a clientele for this delicious product 😊 We also want to organise concerts or tea dances. On 27 May we will have the Sparkling Mood, a pop rock band, in concert, other bands have already contacted us to come and play at our place. In July, it will be our first tea dance, we would like to organise this once a month. We also lend the room for seminars, tupperware demonstrations for example. 😊

On 29 July I am organising my first brewery flea market in the Hall. It's a flea market revolving around brewery objects, (I'm a collector of Jupiler and Piedboeuf glasses) and in the province there aren't many flea markets of this kind anymore.

Why did you choose to work with Granaline?

To please Dylan Dassy, your trainee who is also an alderman for sports in Oreye. No, I'm joking, I like local products, so why not give organic products like these a chance! We are so overrun with industrial products of poor quality and even dangerous for our health!

The little catering I do, I do with products that come from local production. I have very few products that come from large-scale production. Moreover, I had the opportunity to taste your functional BIO Granaline products, and I find them very good and moreover they are organic!

Thank you Laurent for answering all our questions! See you on May 27th at L'Or en Bar for a festive and musical evening!

Logo of l'Or en Bar


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