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From Olympic medals to the virtues of pomegranate: the journey of Charline Van Snick, our new ambassador

Embark on the inspiring journey of Charline Van Snick, who has transformed her passion and excellence in judo into a mission of well-being as an ambassador for Granaline. Follow her story, a vibrant testimony to how determination and commitment can lead to unexpected and rewarding horizons, in harmony with our deepest convictions.

Charline Van Snick avec sa médaile
Charline Van Snick

From the tatami to the Olympics: Charline Van Snick's odyssey of challenges and victories

While pursuing her studies in marketing, Charline Van Snick blazed an exceptional trail in the world of judo from the age of six. Her career, marked by impressive victories and challenges, took her to the Olympic Games, where she won a bronze medal, and beyond.

After overcoming hardships, including a disputed suspension, she bounced back, proving her strength and determination. Her recent transition to educational roles, working part-time at ADEPS on missions to promote sport, and her political involvement are testament to her unwavering passion for sport and society.

Her eloquent track record

An emblematic figure in world judo, she has captivated audiences with her exceptional performances. With Olympic and European medals to her credit, her career is a perfect illustration of determination and excellence:

  • IJF World tour: 26

  • Olympic medal: 1

  • World champ. medal: 1

  • European championship medal: 6

  • Wolrd Cup/Continental Open: 4

  • European Cup Senior: 2

  • National Championship Seniors: 3

Nutrition and performance, her healthy lifestyle philosophy

She is the perfect embodiment of the adage "my body is my working mind", placing great emphasis on the importance of a healthy diet adapted to her needs. Passionately committed to local, organic and sustainable food, she adopts a vegan diet and favors "homemade" to ensure the quality of her daily fuel.

For her, quality takes precedence over quantity. She shares her nutritional experience, highlighting how her choice of healthy, sustainable food enriches not only her performance, but also her life.

Charline Van Snick and the Granaline team
Charline Van Snick and the Granaline team

Charline and Granaline: a duo for sustainability and health

As a Granaline ambassador, she is the living embodiment of the brand's values, which advocate preventive, healthy and sustainable nutrition. Her philosophy, aligned with that of Granaline, emphasizes the importance of quality food, carefully chosen for its benefits to body and mind. Charline perfectly illustrates Granaline's commitment to food that respects both human health and the environment.

Together, they continue to promote a healthier future, proving that choosing a sustainable, healthy diet can positively transform our lives.

A revealing blind test: Charline's impressions of our products

When she came to our premises, it was a special moment. Her visit gave us the opportunity not only to meet her, but also to plunge together into the world of our products through an impromptu "blind test". Her first words, when she took her first sip: "Well, it's good!", rang out like an echo of satisfaction, testifying to her appreciation for our drinks, particularly the lemon and ginger one (Limone e Zenzero BIO Granaline).

Driven by a gourmet curiosity, she is now about to embark on her "positive mood" food supplement treatment, promising to share her impressions soon. This simple yet authentic experience underlines the importance of discovery and sharing in our quest for well-being.

jus de grenade
jus de grenade

Join the movement and discover the power of pomegranate with Granaline

Charline gave us some advice and stressed the importance of recovery in sport and paying attention to your diet, reminding us to "watch what you put into your body".

For those looking to adopt a similar approach, whether you're an athlete or not, amateur or professional, discovering our Granaline ORGANIC pomegranate juice can be a great start. Rich in antioxidants, contributing to healthy muscle function and beneficial for recovery (a), our juice is a perfect option to support your well-being.

Like Charline, choose Granaline. Visit our store to explore this healthy and delicious option.

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Numéro d'entrée de l'EFSA

(a) Potassium : 320, 

N° du Journal de l'EFSA : 2010; 8(2):1469

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