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Elementy: The ultimate wellness institute offers our organic sparkling drinks Granaline

Charline Dumont, a passionate 34-year-old from Namur, is both manager and creator of the Elementy Institute, a haven of well-being in Vitrival. Find out more about her career and her love for our organic Granaline sparkling drinks with PDO and PGI citrus fruits from Sicily, with a low raw cane sugar content.

Charline : founder of the wellness instute Elementy where you can find our organic sparkling drinks Granaline
Charline Dumont, founder and manager of Elementy

Much more than a wellness institute

Elementy, nestled in Vitrival, grew out of Charline's love for her region and her passion for well-being. In 2019, this extraordinary adventure began in her grandparents' old house. More than just a wellness institute, Elementy offers a complete private spa with sauna, jacuzzi and hammam.

The name 'Elementy' was chosen in 2010 during her studies, symbolising the importance of getting back to basics. For Charline, Elementy is much more than a wellness centre, it's a place where each customer receives personal attention, far from being just a number.

A shared commitment to quality and sustainability

Quality is at the heart of the Elementy experience. Charline and her team pay particular attention to the products they use. They favour well-known and organic brands from France and Belgium. But Elementy also puts the spotlight on local and organic entrepreneurs by offering candles, jewellery and, of course, our organic and Belgian Granaline sparkling drinks.

An Obvious Choice: Granaline

Lola, Charline's Community Manager, introduced us to Granaline organic sparkling drinks. Why did Elementy choose to offer our drinks? Charline explains: "The company is local, organic, and the ingredients are European. The drinks are colourful, fun and delicious. I was looking for this kind of product to offer to our clients at the spa." Among our Granaline organic sparkling drinks with PDO and PGI Sicilian citrus fruits, she has a particular soft spot for Aranciata Rossa BIO Granaline.

A future full of projects

Elementy has many exciting projects on the horizon. Charline, who offers a wide range of childcare products, is considering a future partnership with Popkidz, a brand of organic clothing that evolves over time. A collaboration with her cousin, a tattoo artist specialising in hyper-realistic tattoos of the nipples of women who have survived breast cancer, is also planned.

A Message for the Granaline Family

To conclude our interview, Charline has a message for the Granaline team: "Keep it up, it's delicious! " Thanks to Elementy for their trust and support.

For the ultimate in relaxation with our BIO Granaline drinks, visit Elementy, 9 rue Jean d'Or, Vitrival.

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