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Eating healthy, local food - that's the promise of Point Ferme.

Do you want to eat local produce and live in the Province of Liège? Point Ferme is the place for you!

Discover this 100% Belgian cooperation that sells and delivers local, seasonal, quality produce! You can even find our organic Granaline drinks here!

Entrance to the Point Ferme physical shop.
The "Point Ferme" shop in Nandrin.

Point Ferme is a cooperation set up in 2011 by a dozen farmers in the Condroz region of Liège, with the support of the Pays des Condruses LAG. It puts producers in direct contact with end consumers. Today, it is a small company that brings together more than 50 producers from the region. Around twenty of them have been working with Point Ferme since the start of this great project!

Located in Nandrin behind the Q8 on the Condroz road, Point Ferme has a physical shop where you'll find everything you need to cook healthy, tasty, seasonal dishes: bread, seasonal vegetables and fruit, meat and even our Granaline organic drinks! All at a "fair producer price". This means you can be sure that the products sold by Point Ferme pay a fair and equitable price to the producers.

Can't make it? Since 2020, the cooperation has set up a drive following the covid crisis and consumer demand. This drive system nevertheless respects the Point Ferme charter and philosophy, as the depots remain in the Province of Liège in order to reduce the ecological impact and remain consistent with their values. Thanks to their e-shop on their website, you can place an order and collect it from your nearest depot. This system would not be possible without the volunteers at the various drop-off points who work with Point Ferme to serve as many consumers in the region as possible.

To find out more about Point Ferme, we interviewed Emmanuelle, logistics, sales and marketing manager at Point Ferme! Read her interview!

- Hello Emmanuelle! Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Emmanuelle and I'm the logistics, sales and marketing manager at Point Ferme. I joined Point Ferme in June 2022 to develop the sales and digital marketing strategy.

- Can you tell us a bit about the history of Point Ferme?

Point Ferme SRL is a 100% Belgian cooperation set up at the end of 2011 by a dozen farmers from the Condroz region of Liège, with the support of the Pays des Condruses LAG. The aim of the cooperation is to put producers in direct contact with end consumers. Today, it is managed by and for the producers and brings together more than 50 producers from the Condroz-Famenne region.

Emmanuelle presenting Granaline products
Emmanuelle in front of the Granaline product range at Point Ferme.

- What can you find at Point Ferme?

Point Ferme is located in Nandrin. We have an e-shop and a physical shop that sells and delivers local, seasonal, quality flavours produced by these various local producers, located in the Condroz-Famenne region. E-shop orders are delivered to various depots (relay points) located in the Province of Liège. At Point Ferme, you can find seasonal fruit and vegetables in bulk, vegetable boxes, dairy products, meat, bread, groceries and drinks.

- Since 2020, Point Ferme has been awarded the "Fair Producer Price" label. Why was it important for you to receive this label? Can you explain in more detail?

The Fair Producer Price is a label that enables us to guarantee consumers that the products we sell pay a fair and equitable price to our various producers. It is also a way for them to identify the products.

- What are your values?

At Point Ferme we want to highlight the cooperation's main philosophy, which is to bring together in one place local, seasonal produce grown by regional producers. These producers share our values of authenticity and a sustainable vision of local, seasonal agriculture. That's why we offer products of incomparable taste quality to those from intensive or industrial farming.

- This month, you took part in the "February without a supermarket" campaign. Is it important for you to promote local consumption and a more direct link with local businesses?

For us, this initiative shouldn't just take place during the month of February, but every month of the year, and it's part of our core philosophy. As our slogan says: "Eating locally and in season is healthy and great".

- Why is it important for you to involve consumers in more respectful consumption, and encourage them to become active consumers?

We play an important role as the only intermediary between the producer and the consumer in our sector, but the consumer also has an undeniable role in this circular economy system. The circular economy system is an economic system of production that aims to increase the efficiency of resource use and reduce our impact on the environment. This economy not only contributes to regional ecology and the creation of local jobs, but also to an increase in purchasing power that is more conscientious, reasoned and based on current social and ecological criteria.

- Why did you choose to work with Granaline?

We discovered Granaline thanks to Ankerstore. We chose to work together because your philosophy is very similar to ours. What's more, we were interested in the nutritional value of your drinks.

- What are your customers' favourite products? What are yours?

Our customers particularly appreciate the Aranciata Rossa Granaline, the Organic Peach Tea and the Organic Limone & Zenzero.

My favourites are the pure Organic Granaline pomegranate juice and the Organic Aranciata Rossa.

- To conclude this interview, what advice/information would you like to give to our readers who want to get into the local food business?

Change your consumption habits by choosing sustainable food and make your own contribution to your province's circular economy. You'll soon be convinced!

5 good reasons to eat locally:

Preserves the agricultural network and know-how

Adds flavour to your plate and means eating with the seasons

Reduces your carbon footprint

Pays your neighbour and contributes to the local and social economy

Reinforces consistency and gives you the benefit of a fair price


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