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Come to Medi-Market in Ixelles to discover Humeur Positive!

A multi-disciplinary team ready to advise you

The Médi-Market Ixelles'team recommands Humeur Positive
The Médi-Market Ixelles

In Ixelles, nestled on the lively suburb of Brussels and in front of the African neighbourhood Matonge, is the Medi-Market parapharmacy that attracts wellness experts. Since its opening in October 2017 on Chaussée d'Ixelles, this reference point has evolved with an attentive team of 7 dedicated members: 2 beauticians, 2 dieticians, a pharmacist assistant, a naturopath and a member in charge of the till. They welcome you every day, Monday to Saturday, from 9.30am to 6.30pm, at Chaussée d'ixelles, 41/43 - 1050 Ixelles.

This multi-disciplinary team stands out for its warm welcome and caring approach. Experts in their respective fields, the members of the team are committed to providing insightful and enlightened advice to meet the needs of each of their customers. Their aim: to satisfy customers and guide them towards products that best meet their expectations.

The manager shares a funny story: a curious child looked at her "dietician" badge and wondered if her first name was really "dietician". The team knows how to make both kids and grown-ups smile.

Humeur positive : the team talks about it

They recommend our BIO Granaline "Humeur Positive" food supplement to their customers because it's a Belgian, organic and natural product that offers real support for well-being. It's also a product that stands out from the rest thanks to its unique combination of saffron and BIO Granaline pomegranate juice. Saffron is renowned for its soothing and relaxing properties, helping to reduce stress and anxiety (a). It also helps to maintain emotional balance and a positive mood throughout the day. Pomegranate juice works in synergy with the patented saffron extract, made up of 3 active ingredients (safranal, crocins and crocetins).

Some customers may be hesitant about the ampoule format of our food supplement, but it's this liquid formulation that guarantees better bioavailability. This means that the ingredients are absorbed more quickly by the body, providing rapid, long-lasting effects. (1)

By choosing the Humeur Positive BIO Granaline food supplement from Medi-Market, you are opting for a healthy and effective solution to improve your emotional well-being and the quality of your sleep.

If you're looking for a place where professionalism and friendliness come together to guide you and answer all your questions, visit Medi-Market Ixelles today. Take the road to serenity with Humeur Positive, because at Granaline, your well-being is our priority!

Notre complément alimentaire Humeur Positive BIO Granaline
Humeur Positive BIO Granaline

Thank you to the all team !

You can also find our Humeur Positive food supplement in Medi-Market stores in the Brussels area:

- Medi-Market City 2 (Centre Commercial City 2 – Rue Neuve, 123 – 1000 Bruxelles)

- Medi-Market Docks (Shopping Docks Bruxsl – Quai Des Usines, 163 – 1000 Bruxelles)

- Medi-Market Louise (Avenue Louise, 41 – 1060 Bruxelles)

- Medi-Market Schuman (Rond-point Robert Schuman, 5 – 1000 Bruxelles)

- Medi-Market The Mint (The Mint Brussels – Boulevard Anspach, 2 – 1000 Bruxelles)

- Medi Market Anderlecht (Boulevard Industriel, 35 – 1070 Anderlecht)

- Medi Market Evere (Avenue Cicéron, 7B – 1140 Evere)

- Medi-Market Fort-Jaco (Fort-Jaco Village – Chaussée de Waterloo, 1250 – 1180 Uccle)

- Medi-Market La Bascule (Chaussée de Waterloo, 718 – 1180 Uccle)

* Tip: break the ampoule using absorbent paper to catch any broken glass before pouring the liquid into a glass.

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(a) N° d'entrée EFSA : 2038


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