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Celebrating women in science: Fouzia Oukacha - Innovator in antioxidant nutrition and sustainable entrepreneurship

In honour of International Women of Science Day on 11 February, find out more about this leading light in antioxidant nutrition, who has turned her passion for healthy eating into a thriving business. Founder & CEO of Granaline, she offers an innovative range of 100% organic pomegranate-based products, with no additives and no added sugar, offering a preventative approach to health. From her roots in biochemistry to her commitment to sustainable development, we invite you to explore her inspiring journey, her business and her vision for a healthier future.

Fouzia Oukacha - CEO de Granaline
Fiouzia Oukacha - CEO

An inspiring career

Born in Genk and educated at the University of Liège, Fouzia Oukacha initially began her career in biochemistry. However, her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to healthy eating led her down a less traditional path. She travelled throughout Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Turkey, searching for the best organic pomegranate trees. This quest was not only professional but also personal, part of a family tradition. His mother was a nurse with a passion for healthy nutrition, while his grandmother and great-grandmother were both phytotherapists, passionate about phytotherapy (the use of plant extracts to treat illness) and naturopathy (promoting healthy lifestyles and using natural methods to support well-being).

More than a brand, a mission: antioxidant nutrition

Granaline is not just a company; it's a reflection of its passion for preventive, antioxidant nutrition. Its products, including pure organic pomegranate juice with no additives and no added sugar, are rich in antioxidants, offering multiple health benefits. As well as juices, Granaline also offers organic sparkling drinks, PDO and PGI citrus teas from Sicily, and unique 'Positive Mood' food supplements made with saffron extracts and pomegranate juice.

Grenade cut in two

The importance of healthy eating

It highlights the vital importance of a healthy diet for healthy ageing. Granaline is involved in awareness-raising campaigns on preventive nutrition, in collaboration with non-profit organisations. This initiative aims to educate consumers about the importance of quality food.

Innovation and ecological commitment

At the heart of the company is a deep commitment to organic farming and sustainability. Fouzia and her team work closely with producers who share their ethical values, ensuring that every Granaline product is not only healthy but also environmentally friendly.

She sees entrepreneurship as a journey of discovery and innovation. She firmly believes in the importance of failure as a learning tool and encourages budding entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams with perseverance.

Challenges and opportunities

Faced with increasing demand for organic products, Granaline is positioning itself at the forefront of the market. However, Fouzia recognises the challenges posed by the high cost of organic products. She strives to make organic accessible to all, through loyalty programmes, promotions and partnerships aimed at reducing production costs.

Through Granaline, she demonstrates that entrepreneurship can be a powerful force for positive change, promoting healthy eating and sustainable living. Her story is a source of inspiration, showing that passion, perseverance and commitment can lead to the creation of a business that not only succeeds commercially but also contributes to the well-being of the community.

Sparkling drinks and teas from Granaline
Sparkling drinks and teas from Granaline

Discover Granaline: The benefits of pomegranate

Granaline is more than just a product; it's an invitation to adopt a lifestyle that values vitality, sustainable development and innovation. Each product is the fruit of a quest for perfection, combining the science of nutrition with the purity of nature, to bring you the best that the earth has to offer.

Ready to discover the benefits of Granaline for your health and well-being?

Explore our full range of organic pomegranate products with no additives or added sugar. Every sip and every bite brings you closer to a healthier, more sustainable future. Join us on this journey to better health and discover our products today!

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